Lot Maintenance of Oklahoma Inc.


Lot Maintenance of Oklahoma stands out among service contractors because of their experience, equipment, and knowledge.

When Lot Maintenance, Inc. is on the clock, they are on the job. "Down Time" is simply not in their vocabulary. Their equipment fleet is maintained in top working order by experienced mechanics on staff at LMI. A working foreman is on site at every project to correct any problems that may arise then and there. LMI’s fleet also includes back-up equipment, always ready to roll if a vehicle were to go down on the job.

Of course, equipment is only as good as the people who operate it. And Lot Maintenance employees are THE BEST. Given the types of messes they're charged with cleaning up, you could hardly blame someone for throwing in the towel. But LMI's personnel turnover is surprisingly low. LMI's average employee has been with LMI for over 10 years. Giving YOU, LMI's customers, the experience you deserve.

The extent of LMI's Fleet, the knowledge of LMI's staff and the depth of their experience -- assures you the very highest quality, uninterrupted, service.

Job Performance

LMI performs jobs several different ways. LMI works on an hourly basis, contracted rate, or can supply you with a bid on the job at hand. LMI works in many different fields including Mowing/Landscape, Sewer/Pipe cleaning and Sweeping- parking lot and street maintenance.


Below is a gallery of Lot Maintenance’s large selection of equipment, all owned by Lot Maintenance.

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Lot Maintenance of OK Inc.
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